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The Ghosts of Burn Brae Mansion: an Award Winning Haunted Painting

The Ghosts of Burn Brae Mansion

When a beloved family home is destroyed by fire, do its ghostly residents migrate to the homes of other family members? Might some of them have moved here?

The ghosts of Burn Brae still wander the halls of this great old mansion, deep in the darkly wooded Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. Yes, this is a real mansion, and the resident ghosts have been heard by many guests, as well as its owner, innkeeper Andy Russ.

This rambling estate home was commissioned about a century ago, by an heir to Isaac Singer's sewing machine company empire, as a wedding gift for a beloved daughter of the company's third president. Of nine similarly great homes built in the region at around that time for other family members, it is one of but three that remain. Today it is operated as an elegant inn.

Back in January of 2008, I was commissioned by Andy Russ to create this haunted painting, and was privileged to receive a great deal of historical information, photos of the inn (at the time beneath a blanket of snow), and several very old and faded photos showing the house as it appeared early in the last century, and some of its residents. Even this great structure had nearly succumbed to fire early on, as evidenced by differences  between old and current views showing the third story. This haunted painting includes some of the details that were lost in that fire.

Normally, I do not offer prints of commissioned paintings, since they are the exclusive property of the person who commissioned it. However, concurrently with notifying me that his haunted painting had taken a first prize in The East Coast Haunters art competition, Andy has granted me permission to offer prints of Burn Brae Mansion to friends of The Haunted Studio.

Original painting on display at the East Coast Haunters Convention


News received at The Haunted Studio on May 6, 2009

"I just wanted to let you know your painting of Burn Brae Mansion won 1st prize at the East Coast Haunters Convention. Congratulations!!!" -- Andy R

Andy included this photo. Thank you, Andy!

If you would like to learn more about Burn Brae Mansion, or perhaps book a stay,
please visit their website at

Burn Brae Mansion is located at 573 High Road, Glen Spey, NY 12737     845-856-3335



The image measures 12" x 18" on 13" x 19" paper.
Your finished, perfect print is carefully packaged
 for mailing to you.  $59.00
Priority Mail postage FREE in US. 


The image measures 7-1/2" x 9-1/2", within a charcoal-over-white double mat, plus rigid foam-core backing, ready to drop into any readily available 11" x 14" frame. $59.00,
Priority Mail postage FREE in US.

Ghosts of Burn Brae Mansion is also available in Small Format size
The image measures 6.5" x 4.5" within an 10" x 8" charcoal-over-white double mat, with rigid backing.
This size is ideal for framing in any standard 8" x 10" photo frame.
Small Format prints may be assorted for best prices: 1 print $29.00; 2 prints $49.00; 3 prints $69.00
For more information about Small Format prints, please click here.

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