Welcome to The Haunted Studio,
where I've been creating nostalgically spooky, haunted, and Halloween-themed art
for well over a decade!

I invite you to browse and select from 46 signed, full-color framing-quality prints,
available in sizes ranging from impressively large to moderately small,
with affordable pricing, and free Priority Mail shipping to US & Canada!


The title of this hauntingly beautiful painting is The Final Guest

It's just one of the haunted paintings I have created for my "Haunted Studio." I'm pleased to offer each  as a signed giclee print in stunningly rich color. Select from as many as three print sizes ranging from moderately small to impressively large .

To visit my entire collection, please click below
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"The Gallery"


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And if those paintings are not sufficient...

Imagine your treasured Halloween memories,
brought to life in a spooky painting of your home,
"haunted" just for you by me,
Lew Lehrman, "Painter of Dark"
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                The Haunted Studio Guarantee:

You must love what you receive!
If, for any reason, you don't,
I'll make it right, or you may return it for a full refund
including return postage!

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